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Organic Lemonade Stand Fun!

Space Coast Baby hosted a little late summer fun with a lemonade stand chock full of healthy goodness provided by our yummy resource - the Organic Girly (check her out on her resource page here - THE OG)

Our adorable little lemonade stand workers seemed to have much more fun eating the treats then selling, even though they did get a pretty nice sale from one of the passersby. Get to know these fun littles and their family!

"Tell us about your family. Have you always lived in Florida?"

We’re a family of 4. My husband Nicholas was born and raised in Melbourne (true local). I was born in Brooklyn NY, but my parents relocated here when we were kids to start their business. We ave two kids, Nora & Elijah, who are 17 months apart. Indialantic is our hometown and we’re blessed to be raising our kids locally too.

"What are some of your favorite local shops/stores that you shop at frequently?"

There’s a handful of shops we shop that are locally owned. The most frequent we shop at for the kids is Coastal Cloth Baby in downtown Melbourne. The children’s clothes, pjs, and accessories are handpicked and are fair priced. 

"How long have you been using Organic Girly? What are some of your favorite items?"

Organic Girly, I’ve been using for about a year. I stumbled across her booth at a farmers market in Melbourne. My favorite has to be fire cider! But my kids enjoy the gummies!

"Are your kiddos picky eaters? Do they enjoy Organic Girly?"

My kids very picky. My son will eat pasta every meal, and my daughter prefers chicken nuggets. Both are really good with fruit, but vegetables we don’t get past zucchini, carrots, and broccoli. Both our kids strongly enjoy organic girly.

"What are some of your favorite things to do on the Space Coast?"

Our favorite thing to do on the Space Coast is going to Sebastian Beach Inlet! The tide pool keeps the kids entertained for hours. Other hobbies (pre COVID) include going to Gleason Park, Oars & Paddles Park, walking through Cocoa Village and Down Town Melbourne, and Brevard Zoo. 

If you'd like to grab some of your own lemonade... or now that it is fall, pumpkin pie butter (YUM!) from Organic Girly, head on over to her page linked above OR go visit her new storefront and pick out something new to try (one of my personal favorites is the elderberry honey!!). The outfits you see in our fun lemonade stand session were all purchased at our most favorite baby boutique - Coastal Cloth Baby! Head over to or go in person to see all the cute outfits for fall in their shop in Downtown Melbourne!

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