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3 Boys Oh My!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Playing at the Beach with three fun boys using our fav from Florida Kid Co!

We got to spend some time with these energetic and adorable little boys for an early morning sunrise to show off Florida Kid Co swaddles! Read along with us to learn more about these cuties and their Space Coast grown family from their mom, Jennifer!

“How long have you lived on the Space Coast?”

I was raised and have lived on Merritt island for 34 years (moved here as an infant). My husband, Dean, was born and raised on Merritt Island. After getting married in 2010 Dean and I knew we wanted to live here since both sides of our families reside in Brevard county. It’s the best place, in my opinion, to live and raise a family.

Dean and I married in February of 2010.  We have three sons: Ethan (7 1/2 years old), Remington (2 years 9 months), and Nash (9 months).  Fun fact: We’ve decided to homeschool our boys this year. Ethan is going into second grade, and we will start preschool with Remington once we get into more of a routine.  We’re so excited and blessed for the flexibility of this opportunity and to live life together day in and day out. 

Our family is pretty unique in the fact that our boys have 4 grandparents and 6 great grandparents all residing in Merritt Island and Rockledge!  We’re also a third generation space family!

"What are some of your favorite things to do and places to go with the boys?"

We love to explore with our kids and are always interested in finding new places.  For us, strolling the Brevard zoo and then hanging at chick fil a afterwards for lunch is pretty much a weekly thing.  We enjoy the parks; Cocoa Village and Rotary are the favorites, but we really haven’t come across a park we didn’t like. We love going out in the boat, whether it’s the Banana or the Indian River, and finding islands to run around on and find all the marine life.

"What do you think of the Florida Kid Co swaddles?

Florida Kid Co swaddles are hands down the best! We own the Florida and Fish prints and they are used daily by my whole family!  They’re so soft and functional, I can’t wait for the new prints to come out!

"What is it like to be the mom of 3 boys?"

Despite the age difference of my boys they’re best friends and get along SO well, and this makes being their mom pretty easy about 90% of the time.  The other 10% I feel like a referee. I call that a win though.  I’m truly blessed by these kids.  Everyday is an adventure of bug catching, fishing or playing sports and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Want your own Florida Kid Co swaddle?

Visit our resource page to learn more about Florida Kid Co and pick up one of their amazing swaddles!! Florida Kid Co

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