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Brevard County's only breastmilk bank!

The Nest was launched on the Space Coast of Florida in 2020 as a promise to our community by two international board certified lactation consultants (IBCLC)  who believe in the art of collaboration. Rebecca Goff, MSN, APRN, IBCLC and Laene Keith, MA, CCC/SLP, IBCLC are healthcare professionals in Brevard County, Florida helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals each with more than twenty years of experience.

Rebecca and Laene offer a community milk bank depot as a gift to the Space Coast in alliance with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida in Orlando. Since opening on Valentine’s Day, more than 7700 ounces (or sixty gallons!) of donor human milk has been received by The Nest on Merritt Island as gifted by generous donors throughout Brevard and beyond. This milk is safely stored in a freezer until it is couriered to Orlando where it is processed, pasteurized and then distributed to preterm or ill babies in hospitals across the southeast USA. Parents in search of donor human milk may be eligible to receive milk for their baby by contacting the Milk Bank directly; milk is not processed nor distributed at The Nest. 

Donors are typically women who have more milk than their own baby needs and “give love, give life and give milk” when they become a registered donor of their human milk. Potential donors may contact the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida by calling (407) 248-5050 for a telephone screening or visiting the website at

For families seeking prenatal breastfeeding education, lactation consultations for their new arrival or ongoing support during one’s breastfeeding journey, The Nest features private consultations with IBCLCs with some services included as a covered benefit with insurance. Consultations may be booked via our secure website links which can be found at:

The future of The Nest is powered by the passion of its founders who are committed to advancing their own professional development and that of others, as lifelong learners. Rebecca and Laene are committed to expanding community awareness, advocating for the use of pasteurized human donor milk in healthcare systems throughout the county when mother’s own milk is not available and protecting, promoting and supporting access to human milk for human babies. 

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