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Zoey Naturals - The Space Coast's All Natural Solution for Skincare

Have you searched high and low for a product that is SAFE for your baby's skin (and yours?) but find the options to be not so "natural", not so "safe" and maybe a bit expensive? Lucky for you, you live on the Space Coast and there is a LOCAL solution for you. And we can vouch... not only does it feel amazing but it smells delicious too. Read on to hear about this unique resource we have here in Brevard County to solve our children's skincare problems.

Meet the two littles that really drive the intentions for Zoey Naturals. Zoey, the older sister and namesake of the company, and Kinsley - these two cuties are the testers for each scent that is released so that it is 100% kid approved! And they are SUPER adorable! They come from a legacy of natural and high end skin care developers. Their mom and Dad, Kelsey and Danny, created this line with the help of the girls' grandpa, Charley who has been in the industry for a long time. Danny started in the family business, Absolutely Natural, when he was 13 and became full time when he was 17, working across all areas of the company from production to warehouse management, sales to now the Vice President of the company. Kelsey's background is in the medical field as a Registered Nurse, who has always been a practicer of using as many clean and natural products as possible.

The company creation story is very touching. Kelsey and Danny were struggling to get pregnant. Like many others, they were unexpectedly thrown into the world of infertility and battling all the ups and downs that rollercoaster can put on you, your relationship, and life. When they did become pregnant with their daughter Zoey, they became laser focused on ensuring that they used only the best products with their new baby. They began to read labels more closely and were discouraged by all of the potentially cancer causing ingredients that can be found in very common baby products and it became clear that they needed to find a solution for their family's needs. From day 1, the product was specifically formulated to be natural and safe. It began with friends and family using the products to now being offered in over 80 boutiques across the country!

The goal of the company is to share an affordable, clean, safe product with parents around the world that smells amazing and looks beautiful and modern in your home. Every scent, as mentioned above, is kid approved by Zoey where she has deemed the Lavender smells just like her "gummies"! Scents include lavender, citrus, vanilla grapefruit (which smells EXACTLY like a creamsicle!)

The line of products is designed to grow as Zoey grows. As Zoey reaches new milestones in life, new solutions will be created! For example, when she was a bit older and her hair was longer, Kelsey and Danny knew that it was time for a conditioner. One day she will be old enough for deodorant, maybe have a need for acne solutions, but for now... the next product on the horizon is something we all have a need for here in Florida - BUG SPRAY.

We also asked K & D to tell us what messages they may like to share with other families who are on their own fertility journey. Here are just a few messages that may resonate with you and help you through your path:

  • DON'T GIVE UP. When Danny and Kelsey were told they needed to try for a year only to find out there were issues they could have found out at the very beginning, they were frustrated. It felt like bad news after bad news. There will one day be light at the end of the tunnel. Also, do not give up on each other.

  • There will be good days and bad days. Happy days and sad days. BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER. Support your wife through this difficult journey.

If you would like to try the Zoey Naturals line, you can find them at Coastal Cloth, the Space Coast's premier baby boutique in Downtown Melbourne, order on their website, or pick up locally off Nasa Blvd in Melbourne in the Commerce Center.

Instagram: @zoeynaturals

Images courtesy of Pink Pineapple Photography

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