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Viera Pediatric Dentistry

As a mom myself, I know the VALUE of having an amazing experience with your kids at the dentist. When I say it sets the stage for how much a person is comfortable going to the dentist for LIFE, I mean it. And knowing we have a place that really and truly understands how important this is, is invaluable to our community! Space Coast Baby would like to introduce you to Dr. Patel and Viera Pediatric Dentistry!

"What inspired you to become a pediatric dentist?"

Dentistry doesn't have to be scary or upsetting and I think too many adults have had a bad experience as children. After treating many adults who had dental anxiety, I wanted to make a difference for their children to break the cycle of fearing dentistry. I also enjoy helping kids with special needs get used to the dental office and learn how to cope with that experience. 

"Your practice looks like a really fun and happy place where children can enjoy the dentist and not be frightened.  What do you do differently at your practice to make it this kind of experience for young children?"

Just like pediatricians offices are catered to children, I've designed my office to be inviting, colorful, and friendly. We understand each child is unique and try to cater each appointment to their individual needs. We have tv's on our ceilings and they can choose what they'd like to watch during their visits. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child's oral health and take photos of areas that need help and show parents how to ensure their child can have a cavity-free life with discussions about diet and hygiene. We review what to do in case of trauma since it varies for baby teeth and adult teeth. It's an educational experience for the parent and child in a fun environment. 

"What is your BEST tip for parents taking their littles to the dentist for the first time?"

Start good habits early - they will fuss and cry when you brush their teeth but it's important to keep doing it every night so they understand that it is just a part of their daily schedule. You aren't hurting them and they will eventually stop crying. Make their first visit by their first birthday with a pediatric dentist so you can learn how to properly take care of their teeth and what foods to avoid to ensure their teeth stay healthy.  

"What is one thing you'd like the community to know about pediatric dentistry?"

General dentists are like family practice physicians in that they are trained in general care of patients. Pediatric dentists are specialists just like  pediatricians. We've had 2-3 years of further education to learn about the growth and development of children and behavior management techniques to assess how each child can be given the best dental experience possible. 

"What is your vision for your practice?"

Being the best possible version of myself and providing a happy and safe dental home to the children we have the privilege of caring for. 

Space Coast Baby is excited to share this resource with you! For more information on Viera Pediatric Dentisty, please visit their website and find them on social media here:

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