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A Family Full of Girls!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Space Coast Baby got to spend some time with the Robin family, have some fun with a spunky little 4 year old, and hear a bit about what it was like to be pregnant and have a baby during COVID-19.

"Tell us about your family!"

Dominique and Sarah, Sophie (4.5)  and Evelyn (5 months), we are Palm Bay residents. 

I (Sarah) have lived on the Space Coast for 30 years. My husband was born and raised in Miami.

"What has it been like having a little and then a brand new baby during COVID-19?"

It has been WILD! 

It’s been hard to explain masks and social distancing to our very social 4 year old. But we find ways to still adventure outside and see a small group of friends. Being super pregnant right at the peak of the pandemic was rough, but fortunately I was able to deliver at a birthing center. It was a peaceful environment among the chaos.  

"What's it like being an all girl mom?"

I LOVE IT! It definitely has its challenges; there’s a whole lotta sass in our house! 

Their age gap is 4.5 years. Sophie is the best big sister and my helper. She loves “her baby”. I’m excited to see how their friendship develops as they get older. 

"What are your favorite things to do or places to go on the Space Coast?

We love living on the Space Coast! It’s a great place to raise a family. We enjoy going to the beach in the evenings to avoid the heat and crowds.  We love to eat at The Burger Place, walk around downtown Melbourne and then down to the marina to look for dolphins and manatees. 

"Do you just LOVE the Florida Kid Co swaddles?"

They are sooooo soft! I wish they made them in my size. :) 

Since my daughter loves to dance, I would love to see a ballerina print. Or Florida oranges!

Want to grab your own Florida Kid Co swaddle? Visit the Florida Kid Co page in our Resources section!! Click Here!

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